Downtown Strathroy Market: Rules and Regulations 2018
The Downtown Strathroy Market is a source of locally produced foods, arts, crafts, and curated goods. Our aim is to fill the market with products that are grown, made, or finished locally - as much as possible - and to encourage and highlight local businesses and community participation.


1) Seasonal Vendors: refers to vendors applying for/approved for booth display for the entire season of the Downtown Strathroy Market
2) Regular Vendors: refers to regularly attending vendors who are not opting for the entire-season fee. These vendors may attend anywhere from 8-15 weeks.
3) Occasional Vendors: refers to vendors who attend less than eight (8) market weeks.
4) Market Manager(s): refers to the person(s) in charge of managing the market.
5) Street Manager(s): refers to the person(s) in charge of managing a specific street during market hours.
6) Market Advisory Board: refers to the representative group of persons elected by the general assembly of vendors.
7) Market: refers to the Downtown Strathroy Market



The summer street market is held from June 16, 2018 - September 15, 2018, every Saturday, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Set up time is NO EARLIER than 7:00 am on Market Day, and all booths must be completely cleaned up by 1:00 pm.


1) Adult Vendor Table Fees are payable at the rate of $175 for the season, or $25 per week. Vendors may not rent out or lease their table/booth to another vendor.
2) Youth Vendor Table Fees are $7 per week (Youth rates apply to students through Grade 12).
Fees are waived to approved charitable organizations (We reserve the right to limit the number of charitable organizations per week).
3) All fees are non-refundable.
4) Seasonal applications must be submitted no later than April 1, 2018 and once approved, payments received no later than April 15, 2018. Please note that some applications may not be approved due to similarity, excessive duplicity, or space availability. Failure to pay fee will result in the vendor losing his/her seasonal spot.
5) Fees for non-seasonal, regular vendors should be paid by June 1, 2018 based on registered dates.
6) Fees for non-seasonal, occasional vendors, must be paid two (2) weeks prior to expected date of attendance; or, within 48 hours of application acceptance.
7) Information on how to pay fees will be invoiced to vendors upon approval of application.


- All vendors are expected to provide their own table, table covering, and signage indicating product and/or company name. A space of no less than 10 ft x 10 ft is provided for each vendor.
- Vendor booths should be clean, thoughtfully presented, and accessible to shoppers.
- Regular Vendors (that is, vendors not paying a Seasonal Rate, but attending ) must give the Market Manager a schedule of predicted attendance.
- Any applications for new vendors must be received at least two (2) weeks prior to the date you wish to attend.
- Vendors must give at least two (2) days notice by EMAIL when you will miss a market.
- All Vendors are expected to begin setting up no more than one (1) hour (7:00 am), and no less than 30 minutes (7:30 am), before the Market opens. Any vendors who fail to arrive for set-up during the specified time, forfeit their spot.
- Vehicles must be off the designated Market area (Front St & Frank St, respectively) by no later than 7:45 am. This is to ensure the safety of pedestrian shoppers who may arrive early.
- Vendors may not begin to take-down their stall until the Market closes at 12:00 pm.
- Vendors are expected to keep their booth space clean, removing any trash at the end of each Market morning.
- Vendors must keep their products, extra stock, and debris, off the sidewalks. This is to ensure pedestrian safety.
- Booth spaces will be assigned by the Market Manager(s) as spots will be allocated to ensure a successful Market mix, taking into account vendor’s requirements for hydro or shade for their health/products.
- As part of our agreement with the BIA, vendors are asked, as much as possible, to maintain clear sight lines and access to doors of businesses on Front St and Frank St.
- Vendors may not block sidewalk ramps for stroller and wheelchair accessibility with their booth/products.
- Vendors situated by the curb gardens may use the curb itself for their displays, but must keep product out of the gardens by request of the Town.
- No Vendor (except the designated Street Managers or Market Managers) may move the barriers. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in expulsion from the Market.
- Vendors are required to treat customers, each other, businesses, and Managers (Market Manager(s), & Street Managers) with respect. Intentionally disruptive vendors may be asked not to return to the Market at the discretion of the Market Advisory Board and Market Management.

Attending the Market as a vendor for 10 weeks (or more) in the previous Market year, entitles that vendor to a vote, as part of the general assembly, in relevant market business as presented by the Market Advisory Board, at the annual general meeting, and thus to be eligible for appointment to the Provisional Advisory Board, should the vendor which to put their name forth for service. Any Occasional vendors, that is, a vendor attending less than 10 weeks in the previous Market year, is not eligible to sit on the Market Advisory Board.


All vendors of food products must familiarize themselves and comply with the Ontario Health & Safety Information and Guidelines.

- Food Vendors MUST have their names, farm location, and product names posted prominently in their booth.
- Food product descriptions shall contain no misleading information. Proper labelling and signage with POINT OF ORIGIN is required for all food products as per the Ontario Food Safety guidelines.
- Certification is REQUIRED for all products labelling ORGANIC. A written statement and documentation of farming practises is required.
- It is against the law to sell uninspected meats, unpasteurized milk, or ungraded eggs.
- Market food vendors must continue to ensure that the food is manufactured, processed, prepared, stored, handled, displayed, distributed, transported, sold or offered for sale in a manner that ensures the product is not a health hazard. Vendors not able to meet this requirement may receive notice from the Middlesex Health & Safety board and may be subject to removal from the Market by the Market Advisory Board on advice of the Market Manager(s).
- Food vendors must inform Public Health Units in advance when they plan to begin operating. The MHU food safety form must be submitted and approved.
- For Prepared Food Items - products must clearly state the vendor’s name and applicable address, ingredients and size (weight, count, volume as necessary) as required by all applicable health regulations. Compliance with these regulations is the sole responsibility of the vendor. The Downtown Strathroy Market cannot be held liable for mis-labelled food products.
- Food vendors will sell ONLY high-quality products that comply with health regulations. If a product does not meet overall market standards for quality and freshness, the Market Manager(s) reserves the right to request that the product be withdrawn from the stall immediately.


It is at the discretion of the Market Manager(s) to close the market early or cancel the market altogether, due to severe weather - including, but not limited to: high winds, driving rain, lightning, snow, tornado activity, extreme heat.

In the event of a market closure, all vendors MUST take down their booths and pack up for the day. No vendor will be allowed to remain due to liability to the Downtown Strathroy Market.


The Downtown Strathroy Market reserves the right to limit the number of vendors participating in the market. Priority is given to agricultural and local artisans. The Market Manager(s) reserves the right to limit the number of similar non-food products. In all cases, the Market Manager(s) will determine, at its own discretion, what products may or may not be sold at the Market.


It is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the vendor to maintain up-to-date contact information with the Downtown Strathroy Market.
Emails may be sent to:
Refer to our Facebook Page for News or Updates.

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