2019 CPU National Powerlifting & Benchpress Championship Referee Schedule Sign up
March 4 - 9, 2019
E.Y. Centre
4899 Uplands Drive
Ottawa, ON
K1V 2N6
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Are you writing your National Referee's Examination?
Your Province will need to put your name forward to the CPU Referee Chairman with a detailed outline of when you passed your Provincial Examination and the competitions you have officiated for the past three years.
Due to the IPF Rule Changes taking effect January 1st 2019 ALL REFEREES will be required to participate in the Rules Clinic
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Monday March 4, 2019 Evening
Thursday March 7, 2019 Evening
Friday March 8, 2019 Evening
What days will are you available to Referee?
We need a minimum of 11 Referees to operate 2 Platforms, There will be two Platforms running Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, that means the following: 6 National Referees in the Chairs, 2 Provincial Referees for Technical Controllers, Minimum of 2 National Referee's or higher for the Jury Table (This year I want three). If you sign up for a session it will be considered a firm commitment to that date and time. As per the Meet Director their will be only two Sessions on Saturday.
Session 1 06:30 Weigh In, Lifting at 08:30
Session 2 11:00 Weigh In, Lifting at 13:00
Session 3 16:00 Weigh In, Lifting 18:00
Monday March 4, 2019 Female Referees Necessary
Tuesday March 5, 2019 Female Referees for Session 2,3
Wednesday March 6, 2019 Female Referees Session 2
Thursday March 7, 2019
Friday March 8, 2019 (Session 1 & 2 only)
Saturday March 9, 2019
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