September - Small Group Session 1
Between sessions, materials are handed out and provided online (the video is available online as well). Participants are encouraged to meet with at least one other person to answer a few questions together. We want participants to find the time and place that works best for them - it could be at home, a supper club, meeting up at a coffee shop, before or after church on Sunday. Practical suggestions for living into the teachings will also be provided between Big Group teachings.

Ask one person during your Small Group to collect responses to the questions and submit them below.

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What images come to mind when you think of God? *
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What does it mean for you to have a relationship with the Living God? *
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In the video it was said that the “Song is Written on Your Heart.” How do you recognize those times that you are in tune with that song? How often does that occur? *
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On any given day would you say that you are generally more Joyful or Frustrated? Peaceful or anxious? Loving or resentful? Thankful or Disappointed? Why is that so? *
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What adjustments in your life need be made to be in tune more often? *
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