Petition of Opposition to UC Profit from War
For years, the UC has invested in companies that profit from war, exploitation of natural resources, and destruction of communities both at home and abroad. Students and workers produce the vast majority of the UC’s economic value, yet they have no influence over how it’s used. Money from investments is either spent on funding the war industry or is concentrated in the hands of the Regents and Administrators. Even the proposed tuition hikes would likely be used to invest more money into the war industry, feeding a vicious cycle of human suffering. In response, we are calling for the UC to withdraw all of its investments from these ethically indefensible corporations. The goal is to hold these institutions accountable for their participation in perpetuating war and oppression. Through divestment, we can cut off the arms of the imperialist war machine.

We call on students to unite in showing their opposition to the University’s despicable profiting from death. Spread this statement and sign this petition to cut the UC’s links to US imperialism, big finance, and Zionist occupation. Don’t allow them to hide behind a mask of inclusiveness and diversity!

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