Compliment/Concern/Complaint Form
This form is provided to all members of West Oxford Inferno Girls Hockey Association would like to provide information to the WOGHA President and members of the Executive. This form is to be used for all written concerns involving WOGHA members and will be the only form of compliment/concern/complaint accepted. The information on this form will be retained by WOGHA and utilized in the following three ways:

A member wishes to bring forward a positive compliment regarding the association and/or a member, to the WOGHA Executive.

A member wishes to bring to the attention of the WOGHA Executive a concern they have with the association, another member, or situation. The completion of this form will be reviewed by the President and the Executive.

A member wishes to make a formal complaint against the association and/or another WOGHA member. Before a formal complaint is filed WOGHA encourages the individual to attempt to resolve the conflict at the team level through utilizing the following options:
1. 24-hour rule
2. Approaching an appropriate team official (i.e. Manager, Parent Liaison, etc)
3. Approaching the Coaching Convenor
Complaints will be addressed in accordance with the Code of Conduct Policies and Procedures. If concerns of the incident are not resolved at the team level, or the incident escalades, the details are to be forwarded via this form. The incident will be reviewed and followed up by the WOGHA President and Executive.

*Please note that if you choose to remain anonymous WOGHA can not promise that action will be taken
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