Union River Summer Chum Volunteer Survey
HCSEG is interested in learning more about why you're involved with our summer chum program on the Union River, and what you get out of the experience. Your responses are greatly appreciated!
How long have you been volunteering on this project (in years)?
If you have been volunteering on this project for more than one year, what keeps you coming back?
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If you've been involved for more than one year, do you feel like you've seen success?
How did you learn about this volunteer opportunity?
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What is your level of involvement each season on average?
What are your top two motivators for volunteering?
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Why did you decide to volunteer on this project?
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What do you consider to be the top benefits to you personally from your volunteer work on this project?
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Do you feel like your volunteer actions are making a difference on summer chum populations?
If yes, why?
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Which of the following recreational activities do you take part in?
Do you live (or have you lived) along a salmon-bearing stream?
What is your age group?
Do you work in a natural resource-related field?
What is your gender?
Where do you reside?
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