School Advisory Council (SAC) Application
Please fill out this form to apply for a seat on your school's School Advisory Council (SAC). Do your best to provide as much information as possible. Please make sure you provide a correct e-mail address so you can receive a copy of your form upon submission. Another copy will be sent to your school and your school's Family Engagement Liaison.
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For Parents and Families Only: Name(s) of Child(ren) Attending Selected School
To serve as a parent / family member, you must have a child currently attending the school you are applying for.
For Community Organizations Only: Name of the Organization You Represent
Candidate Bio (up to 200 words) *
Use the space below to explain why you would like to serve on the SAC. If your school has more applicants than the number of SAC seats available for the stakeholder group you represent, this Bio will become a part of the Candidate Information Sheet designed to introduce the candidates during the election process.
By submitting this application I certify that:
1)The information I have provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
2) I have no conflicts of interest and no affiliations with any organizations providing or seeking to provide services paid for by the school.
3) I understand that as a SAC candidate, my name and Bio will be a part of the public record.
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