Brand Ambassador Application
Please take a few moments to respond to the questions below. If application is accepted we will contact you with further information including our Brand Ambassador contract.

Expectations of Brand Ambassadors:
- own a Ballard Bikini
- be following Ballard Bikini on Instagram AND Facebook
- be subscribed to our email list
- post on social media about your Ballard Bikinis including, but not limited to, what you like about them, new product launches, sales, etc.
- maintain a positive brand reputation
- *must be over 18 years of age to apply*

Benefits of becoming a Brand Ambassador:
- earn 10% commission anytime someone uses your code (paid out monthly)
- earn a free bikini for every 10 orders/month made through your discount code
- get 15% off your own purchases
- get featured on our social media pages when you send us your pics or tag us!
Email address *
First, Last Name, and Age? *
Do you already own a Ballard Bikini? If not, what has held you back from already purchasing? (Please note that it is expected that all Brand Ambassadors own a Ballard Bikini. If you are hoping for a discount code to make your first purchase, e-mail subscribers get 10% off their first order if you are new here, plus subscribing to our email list is also a Brand Ambassador requirement)
Please tell us about yourself! What do you do for work, what hobbies do you have, do you like puppies, pizza, or wine? *
Why do you want to represent Ballard Bikini? (please be specific) *
What benefits are you most looking forward to with working with Ballard Bikini? Please be honest and only choose 2-3 *
What will be your main platform for posting content? *
What is your social media handle (or multiple) that you will be using to post content? *
Can you commit to positively representing Ballard Bikini for a minimum of 1 year? *
Have you... (please note it is required that you have done all of the below to get accepted!) *
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