How do foreigners set up company in Taiwan?

When foreign startups want to set up companies in Taiwan, they often don’t understand the relevant regulations for setting up Taiwan companies, resulting in high communication costs and time-consuming. In this event, we will introduce the steps of establishing a company in Taiwan (remittance of overseas Chinese and foreign investment, MOEIC review, accountant verification, etc.), and analyze the points that should be noted in each step.
At the same time, we also invite a wonderful foreign entrepreneur who already established a company in Taiwan, sharing what difficulties he encountered when setting up the company and how to overcome them.

⏰Time: October 16th, 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM
🏢Venue: Startup Terrace A6 18F Room 03A

(1) Economic Development Department, New Taipei City Government

【Marketing Deputy Director of STARTBOARD】- Willy Hu
【Founder of SKRT】- Elliot

1:30-2:00 Registration
2:00-2:10 Opening Remark
2:10-3:00 How to set up a company in Taiwan
3:00-3:20 Real Case
3:20-4:00 Networking

(This event will proceed in English)

If you have any question, please contact Mr. Tsai from the Economic Development Department, New Taipei City Government.
📞Phone Number: (02)29603456 #5288


⏰時間: 10/16 下午1:30 至 下午4:00
🏢地點: 林口新創園A6 18F 03A室

1. 新北市政府經濟發展局公司登記科

1. STARTBOARD- 胡聿威 行銷副總監
2. SKRT- Elliot 創辦人

1:30-2:00 報到
2:00-2:10 活動引言
2:10-3:00 外國人如何在台設立公司
3:00-3:20 實際案例分享
3:20-4:00 自由交流


📞電話號碼: (02)29603456 #5288
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