A Bill for an Act to amend the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 , and for related purposes
This form is for Dickson Voters to communicate their Will to the Federal Member for Dickson to instruct them how to vote on this Bill/Legislation in the Australian House of Representatives.

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1. Your Email address & Name
2. How Important & Urgent this Bill is to you.
3. Your VOTE on the Bill/Legislation.
4. Your Confidence level that this Bill/Legislation - Gut feel.
5. If you want to be a Representative for this Bill or if you want someone to represent you on this Bill.
6. If you want to show others how you voted.
7. If you want to contribute resources.
8. And when you've settled on your position Finalise your vote.

Then submit your vote.

* You can only vote once, but you can change it at anytime up until the majority Finalise the Vote.
* To make the initial voting experience simpler the 'Representation', 'Secret Ballot' and 'Personal Defaults Settings' for 'Consensus %' & 'Voting Compulsion' have been prefilled. Once you feel confident about this process you can also change these.
* Once a clear consensus has been reached For or Against the Bill/Legislation it will be closed for further voting. If the Bill fails to pass both houses of parliament and is sent back to the lower house then this form will be reopened for further voting.

To see the effect of your vote on the results dashboard ( See Dashboard Example below ) you have to wait 5 minutes for Google to update the data & then refresh the page ( F5 or Refresh button ).

Your email address is required to verify that you are registered with the Dickson Reps. When you vote on this Bill  an email will be sent with a record of your voting actions. Note that only you change what you've entered in this form.

Email *
Voter Name *
Your full name as registered on the AEC's electoral roll.
Variable Consensus Level
VoteWrap uses a Variable Consensus Level calculated from how Urgent & Important the question being voted on is to each voter. As something becomes more important it's better to have more people agreeing with it. Otherwise, potentially 49% of the voters will fight against the result creating implementation difficulties or even the reversal of the outcome. And, when something is less urgent the more time there is to build a higher consensus.
Variable Consensus Level Matrix
Importance *
How Important is this to you? The Higher the importance, the higher the % of votes needed to reach a consensus.
Urgency *
How Urgent is this to you? The lower the Urgency the more time to reach a higher % of consensus.
Confidence Level *
What is your 'Gut Feeling' about this Bill? How confident are you that it has been well thought out in the best interests of all concerned and that it is a based on good evidence.
If you are voting directly on this Bill then select one of the voting States ( YES if you want the Bill to Pass, NO if you don't want it to pass, or one of the UNDECIDEDS if you are not yet sure ) and set Representation below to 'Self' . OR, if you want a Bill Representative to decide then select 'Assign Proxy Vote To Representative' and select the Bill Rep you want and your proxy vote will be added to your selected Bill Reps vote.'
Clear selection
Why did you vote the way you did?
If you complete this section your comment will be published on this Bills page grouped by how people voted. If you have a web page link that supports you position then add link below.
Web Link in suppot of your vote
I offer myself as a Representative and declare that I'll faithfully represent the will of the voters who select me to represent them on this matter. *
If you select Yes then your name will appear in the 'Representation' dropdown list below after you have submitted this form.
IF you selected YES to being a REPRESENTATIVE your Representation Type must be SELF and when voting you must vote from Yes to No, you cannot select "Assign Proxy Vote To Representative".
Representation *
If you don't have the time or inclination to be directly involved in this Bill then you can select another member of this group to represent you. Note that you can still select a direct vote ( Yes, Undecideds or No ) or you can assign your proxy vote to your representative and they will decide how to vote. If you decide that your representative is no longer representing you faithfully then you can choose another Rep or just represent yourself.
Secret Ballot *
If you represent yourself and want your vote to be visible to the other voters then select 'Yes'. This does not apply if you are a Bill Rep as other voters need to see how you've voted so they can select a Rep that votes like them.
To help reach an electorate consensus on this Bill you can contribute money, materials or your time and skills. Financial contributions will go to advertising this Bill to the Voters of Dickson or holding online or real world debates about the Bill.
Pledge Financial Contribution
If you are not yet ready to make make your financial contribution you can make a pledge to do so. This amount will be totalled so no individual pledges will be identified.
Make Financial Contribution
To make your financial contribution use the SquareUp Donation link at the top of the Bill page.
Other Contributions
Other skills or resources that you can contribute to promote the Bill. E.g., letter boxing, door knocking, social media promotion, material resources such as meeting venues, printing, signage or anything else that would contribute to reaching a speedy & well considered outcome for the Bill.
Finalised *
When you are satisfied with your vote then select 'Yes' to lock it in. Note that once the majority of voters have finalised their vote then this Bill will be deemed to be resolved and will be closed until such time as the finalised level falls below the required Consensus Level or the Bill is passed in Parlaiment. Up till the vote is closed then you can re-open your vote by selecting 'No' to finalised. If a consensus has not been reached by the time the Bill is voted on in Parliament then the vote will be closed and  what ever the results are will be communicated to the Federal Member for Dickson.
OPTIONAL - Personal Settings
These 'Personal Settings' are used to calculate the variable consensus level & whether the vote is compulsory or voluntary. Unless & until you want to change these default settings then just scroll to the bottom of this form and click the 'Submit' button to submit your voting data.
Personal Settings - Consensus %
The Variable Consensus Level is drawn from the Importance & Urgency Matrix. The default % values are shown below. These values are calculated by totalling all the individual voter's % values and dividing that total by the number of voters. This means that there is no central control of the Consensus Levels. Note that each voter only has to set the 4 corners of the matrix and the other five values are automatically calculated by adding & dividing the the 4 corner values.
1. Importance High / Urgency Low *
2. Importance High / Urgency High *
3. Importance Low / Urgency Low *
4. Importance Low / Urgency High *
Personal Settings - Compulsory Vote
Not every question needs every voter to vote on it. Only those questions that are deemed important enough by the voters and have the time available to get everyone to vote need to be Compulsory. Whether a vote should be Compulsory or Voluntary is determined by the Importance / Urgency Matrix. And again it is the voters who collectively decide how the matrix determines if it's a Voluntary or Compulsory vote by individually changing the default personal preferences shown below. Each position on the matrix is then calculated one way or the other when more than 50% of voters decide if they want that matrix position to be Voluntary or Compulsory.
1. Importance High / Urgency - Low *
2. Importance High / Urgency - Medium *
3. Importance High / Urgency - High *
4. Importance Medium / Urgency - Low *
5. Importance Medium / Urgency - Medium *
6. Importance Medium / Urgency - High
Clear selection
7. Importance Low / Urgency - Low *
8. Importance Low / Urgency - Medium *
9. Importance Low / Urgency - High *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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