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Welcome to T.W.I.S.T.!

Great to hear that you're interested in the buddy system. Using the answers to this questionnaire, we will match the Dutch and international students to each other. Your answers will be kept strictly confidential. All questions are optional, but when you answer more questions we will be able to find you a better match. At the end of the form you can further specify which criteria are important to you in a buddy. Would you like a buddy who's around your age? We will probably find you someone! Would you like a buddy who's also interested in Altaic morphosyntax? There's a good chance we won't find you someone! (But we will try.)

Thank you and see you soon at T.W.I.S.T.!
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By sending this form you give permission to the Internationalisation Committee to share your contact information with the person you are matched with, in order for them to contact you. This information will not be shared with anyone else outside of the committee. *
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