BJSC CXXV Confirmations Form
Welcome to the 125th edition of the BuzzJack Song Contest, held this month in Jupiterdonia.

If you haven't entered BJSC before and are interested in joining, feel free to jump in - this contest is open to all people who have been a BuzzJack member for at least 3 months (apart from those who are permanently banned, who know who they are, and those who are banned from just this contest due to failing to vote in the last final (African Grey, Beaverdonia, Bhangra, Cowtermont, Elëdan, Pupok, Unovia and Yehesi)). All you need to do is register a BJSC nation in the following thread:

As ever please try to ensure your song has not been entered to a previous edition of BJSC or its spinoffs. We'll let you know if your song was already sent but you can mostly cover yourself here by checking this thread.

It is also advisable that you be familiar with the BJSC veto framework and try to refrain from sending songs that you think will likely be vetoed. It is best to have a back-up entry in mind if you think there's any chance your first choice may be vetoed to prevent delays to the contest in the case of last minute vetoes.

Click 'Next' and enter away x
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