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Fall 2018
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GIF Fall Workshops 2018
Past Workshops
More geospatial workshops will be announced soon! Please note that the "Intro to GIS" workshops are very similar, so just sign up for one.
September 7: Intro to GIS: Social Science Focus
September 14: Intro to GIS: Environmental Science Focus
September 21: Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro
Upcoming Workshops
Please note that our special workshop on Geospatial Data Science and Machine Learning is a full day workshop.
October 26: Introduction to Remote Sensing using Open Source Tools
November 2: Viewshed Analysis and Least-Cost Paths in ArcPro
November 9: Advanced Remote Sensing: Land Cover Change Analysis
December 7: FULL-DAY workshop: Geospatial Data Science and Machine Learning in GIS
Please rate your experience level in using geospatial data and analysis tools: *
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GIF-USERS – Updates on GIF workspace closures and forward announcements for job and internship opportunities specific to our users. Berkeley affiliates signed up for our workshops will automatically be added to this list.

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