MORE-RAMPS Urban Winter Action Camp Application
Apply to come to St. Louis, MO on January 7th for the first urban Winter Action Camp, hosted by RAMPS and MORE.  
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Please list two personal references you have worked with that we may contact.   *
Please include name, email, phone number, and relationship
Are you applying for the 2-week session or the 3-week session? *
For both, you are committing to being present full-time.
To help cover the costs needed to house 30 people for three weeks (including food, trainers, etc), we are asking for a 25 - 100 dollar donation.   How much are you willing to donate? *
(We won't deny applicants based upon their financial restrictions)
This year, the Winter Action Camp will feature 2 tracks: community organizing and direct action. There will be overlap between the tracks, but they will focus on different skills sets. The community organizing track will focus on building power through intentional relationships, while the direct action track will focus on skills required to pull off effective direct actions. Please indicate which track your would be more interested in. *
Why are you interested in coming to the Winter Action Camp and how will this fit in with the work you are doing in your local community? *
What is your background in anti-fossil fuel extraction work (if any)? *
What relevant experiences do you feel you can bring to this camp? *
Campaign Skills, Trainings, Non-violent Direct Action skills, etc
During the three week Winter Action Camp, all living and training spaces will be shared with at least 40 other people. Are you comfortable in this type of living situation? *
Please be aware that this will be a communal living space, but let us know if there are concerns you have that we will need be be aware of (medical or other)
We will make an effort to plug you into a role during the camp you are excited about filling, and are interested in learning more about. Keep in mind that a limited number of people are needed to focus on each role. It takes many people filling a variety of different roles to pull off a successful action and keep our camp running. Do you have a specific role you know you would like to fill? Are you comfortable with taking on a role that may not have been your first choice?
Do you have any concerns or questions about the Action Camp?
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