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College Visit Request
High school students who meet the following criteria will be allowed to have two excused days of absence for a college visit during their junior year and two excused days of absence for a college visit during their senior year:

1. The student must have passed the required parts of the TAKS/EOC tests for the previous year.
2. The student must be on track to graduate on time.
3. The student must be classified as a junior or senior based upon credits earned.
4. The student must be passing all course work.
5. The student must meet the 90% attendance rule.
6. The student cannot have any disciplinary issues.

Please allow two school days for processing and schedule visits accordingly. The office will notify students of approval. Approval will not be granted for a college visit on a day when major exams such as EOCs, Finals, and Mid-Terms are scheduled, and no partial days will be approved. Please consult your teacher before applying. The student will be required to make up any work missed, but will not be charged with an absence if official documentation of the visit is received by the school office within one week of the visit.

Official documentation must be submitted to the Office within one week of the visit and must be either:
* A letter on the college official letterhead giving the student’s name, date, and reason for visit;
* An official visitation form from the college dated with student name and signed by a college official.

If documentation is not received within one week of the visit, an unexcused absence will be recorded. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the process.

If the college visit cannot occur on the date specified, the student must notify the office and a new request must be submitted for consideration.
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