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Check out our existing resources that can provide you with plenty of information so that you get the most out of Startup Commons and promptly find answers to your questions around entrepreneurship, innovation, startup ecosystem development and ecosystem digitalisation:

- Growth Academy (https://bit.ly/SC-GrowthAcademy): the worldwide leader in open and globally neutral knowledge for innovation entrepreneurship ecosystem actors and users. We focus on building a 360 degree understanding about startups and the journey through various perspectives and connecting all relevant startup related topics along with links to further keywords, resources and tools, for further self learnings and for taking theory to action.

- Ecosystem Development Academy (http://bit.ly/SC-EcoDevAcademy): The most complete and globally neutral training program to educate and empower the next generation of ecosystem developers, builders and operators and in general to any individual and entity focus on economic growth via entrepreneurship, innovation, job creation and attracting investments

- Ecosystem Best Practices Library (https://bit.ly/IE-Best-Practices-Live): the world's first, open standards based best practices library to support innovation entrepreneurship ecosystem builders and operators globally.

- Startup Commons Youtube Channel (https://bit.ly/SC-Youtube-Channel)
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