Research Data KE Working Group
We are researchers based in Nairobi; librarians and archivists; NGOs and CBOs; media; relevant government stakeholders; and funders interested in supporting community-based research infrastructures. We provide thought leadership on qualitative/ethnographic research data in Kenya and beyond. We meet monthly online and are exploring through practice the challenges and opportunities of sharing qualitative data, which has its own unique challenges. We leverage the shared data infrastructure of

We currently are working on a project related to identifying, analyzing and archiving existing research data that relates to the experiences of COVID10 in Kenya. Learn more about the project here:

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In applying to participate in this group, I recognize that 1) The project is designed to create public knowledge resources and new methods and infrastructures for creating such resources. As such, it depends on deep cooperation among participants, openness to diverse ideas and generous investment in the public good. 2) This is an experimental, no-budget knowledge project that will require flexibility, cooperative effort, and patience with logistical changes and problems; 3) This is a collaborative project so credit for creative products resulting from the project will often be be shared; author/s are free to re-use their own contributions elsewhere and are encouraged to share other people's work, with attribution. 4) The project is led by a Design Group that has the responsibility and authority to oversee participation in the project, intervening as needed to meet project goals. Participation in the project is contingent on respectful relationships with other participants, compassionate sensibilities, and high ethical standards. Participation can be revoked by the Design Group at any time.
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