Pre Coaching Assessment Form
This form is to clarify purposes, goals and objectives of the coaching sessions to meet the desired results of both coach and coachee. Please answer all questions honestly for best results.
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Gaining clarity of issues
Understanding what is important / what motivates me
Exploring and understanding what is holding me back
Gaining an insight into who I am, my strengths, capabilities and potential
Providing encouragement and support
Helping define goals
Helping to identify action and next steps
Challenging you with difficult questions
Providing honest and direct feedback
Making you accountable for your goals
How will you know when you are receiving value from the coaching process? *
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Privacy Policy
Coach Jasmine and her team under the John Maxwell Team are committed to keeping your personal details private and confidential. Anything shared in this form or during coaching sessions and assignments will be kept strictly private and confidential in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 of Malaysia (“PDPA”).
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