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Given the COVID19 and enhance community quarantine situation in our country, many have expressed their intentions on social media to help and develop creative solutions for our country. As developers, designers, and people in tech, we have enough tools and capabilities to use tech to contribute to our society in this trying time. Despite the restrictions of enhanced community quarantine, there's a lot that we could do. We at inbytes.dev wanted to take part and provide support in the form of a hackathon. Let's work together and help fight against COVID19 and its after effect to our society.

HackPHQuarantine is all about encouraging people to bring their COVID19 solutions or ideas to life. This is not a competition but a voluntary effort to help your family, friends, country, and the world. In this time of adversity, getting something tangible – a prize - should not be the fuel to the fire. We may or may not announce surprises or give perks but that's only our way of showing gratitude to your efforts and intention to help. Surprise surprise na lang 😉

Quick Info about the setup:
This is an online hackathon. Your project can be open sourced or not, just release it as early as you can in order for people to use right away. You can improve it everyday or as needed. The important thing is for people to use it during this period of need. Don't overthink, just do it.

What can you get by joining this hackathon?
- Help someone with your solution
- Make the most out of your quarantine time
- Learn something new
- Meet new people
- Maybe special perks or prizes and more 😉

Challenges you can tackle:
- Issues that arises from COVID19 pandemic
- Ways for people to provide help to others during the enhance community quarantine
- Daily life issues that arises from the enhance community quarantine eg. Remote Working, Logistic Challenge Food & Medication, Education
- Ways to prevent health (mental and physical) issues due to enhance community quarantine
- Ways to improve our health care system using technology
- Issues related to dissemination of information or battling of fake news
- More...

We are opening the HackPHQuarantine hackathon starting March 23, 2020 and end this hackathon when community quarantine ends and showcase all your work at https://inbytes.dev.

If you want to join, just fill in this form so we can add you to the discord chat. There you can mingle and collaborate with other participants in the hackathon.

If you want to support the hackathon, please send us an email at team@inbytes.dev and let us know how you would want to support.

For now, let's have fun! Create solutions, try new technologies, be awesome!
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