Madrigal Auditions 2021-2022
Madrigals is a high-intensity ensemble designed to supplement the choral experience at Westlake. The ensemble will enhance the students’ knowledge of choral music and their rehearsal and performance etiquette from what they learn in one of the core ensembles. Members of Madrigals must be in 10-12th grade and are expected to be a member of one of the core choral ensembles: Men’s and Women’s Choirs (10th grade) or A Cappella Choir (11th-12 grade.) Members will participate in all the regular scheduled department concerts, as well as the Ice Cream Concert and Final Concert, which are used as Madrigal fundraisers. Members also need to be willing to commit to a weekly sectional rehearsal, as well as all classes and performances. This means that students must be able to find transportation other than the bus for the weekly sectionals and for some of the outside performance opportunities. Members are also expected to participate in the Choral Department Tour. If all the Madrigals participate in tour, the ensemble is able to gain valuable feedback from national clinicians and participate in more prestigious choral festivals. Students have approximately a year if they make the ensemble to financially plan how they can participate in tour. Students should strive to have a minimum of 90% attendance and at least a 2.5 quarterly grade point average. Higher is preferred. Students must also maintain grade eligibility, which is not having any Fs or NCs at any time. If a student does have an F or NC on their grade for more than a week, then that student may forfeit his/her place in the ensemble.

Please go to to sign-up for a date and time slot.
More time slots will be added if necessary.

Financial Obligations:
Masterwork Festival $40
Madrigal Cardigan $30
Dress Uniform—Men $5 (Tie Rental)
$125 (full tux package if necessary to purchase)
Dress Uniform—Women $40 (Performance Top)
$35 (Black Skirt--same that is used in Women's Choir/A Cappella)
Tour $650-$1800 (depending on location)

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Can you commit to maintaining grade eligibility which means having no Fs or NCs longer than a week? *
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The anticipated cost of the 2021-2022 Choir Tour is $1500-$1800 pending parent, school, and district approval. If it is approved, how likely is it that you will be going on the 2022 tour? *
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