The Alchemy of Embodied Leadership- Mastery & Certification
Come into full alignment with your purpose integrating your Mind, Body and Spirit.

You want to get better at what you do and facilitate greater transformation for your clients and did you know… you can do this without any extra effort.

Deeply understand who you are, discover your blind spots, how to manage your emotions so you can cultivate healthy boundaries, and create safe, inclusive, spaces for yourself and others even if you are still carrying shame from the past, or fear of the uncertainty.

Expect to heal old wounds and transform into a more authentic version of yourself, cultivate reciprocal relationships, and tap into your own super powers as a leader and space holder, and live a more prosperous and thriving life.


This is your invitation to become the Centered Embodied Owner of your life with Phoebe's transformative modality, Mvt109™ that will change your vibration for you and a better world.

This application is to become a master of your own inner journey through embodiment (somatic practices that re-pattern the physical and energetic bodies) so you can feel more empowered in the choices you make in your life and to become certified in MVt109™ facilitation to teach, facilitate, lead, and mentor with these practices in diverse environments as a guide and leader.

We are calling out to people who are aligned with the desire to change the world by taking radical responsibility and become the change we want to see in our world.

Once you have complete the application, Phoebe will book a call with you to make sure we are a good fit.

If you attended the Mvt & Magic Ceremony, you will also receive a free one hour MAGIC session with Phoebe.

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