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Thank you so much for your interest in Florida Retriever Rescue - FARR.  Our organization is made up of 100% VOLUNTEERS so thank you for being patient.    If you do not hear from us please understand that we all have full time jobs and families.  We will respond if there is a fit for both you and the dog.    All of our dogs are based in the Tampa, Florida area and we do not ship dogs.

With millions of dogs at the shelter/rescue, before you adopt, please really make sure you understand the HUGE COMMITMENT.  There are major time commitments with training, exercise and understanding dog behavior. Don't forget vet visits, monthly preventative medications also cost money! "Much like having a child, adopting a dog means you take on the responsibility of a living being whose needs often come before your own desires."

Returns are traumatic for dogs, so before you say you want a dog because he is cute, or because you want your child to grow up with a dog or raise the dog, or because you want to give a dog as a gift (we don't do gifts at FARR), please make sure you are prepared and that this is not an impulse decision.  

Puppies will nip, teeth, chew things, have accidents, scratch, bite and knock over small children and will need to be provided proper exercise and training.  If you rent,  make sure you have in writing that you are allowed to adopt a dog and if there is a weight limit prior to filling this out so we can review it.

There are so many dogs and pups in need in shelters, it takes as many people as possible to make even a small difference.  Your desire to open your heart and home to one of these amazing forgotten canines will be an incredibly rewarding journey.  Our main goal is to reduce the number of dogs on euthanize lists at shelters. Rescued is the best breed!
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I have read the above and understand. *
First and Last Name *
Date of birth: *Please include date of birth as Month/Date/Year *
Phone number *
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Email address * *
Your age & names and AGES OF EVERYONE in household. *PLEASE list AGES of everyone who resides in the home, including children. *
AGES and frequency of grandchildren and other children that visit your home. *PLEASE list AGES of all grandchildren and any children that visit your home. *
Home Address - Don't forget city, state and zip!!!!!!!! *All of our fur babies are in the Tampa, Florida area. We will NOT ship dogs. You need to meet the dog in person. *
How long have you lived here? * *
How many pets are allowed in your residence? Either through renters agreement or HOA? *
Are there any breed/weight restrictions in your renter agreement/HOA? *
Do you have a fenced in backyard? *  
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What type of fence? *
Full name, phone number, email and address of landlord *If you rent, please provide the above information. Just write "own" if you own. *
Name and location of employers of ALL adults in home. How long have you been employed at this organization? What is your occupation? *Make sure to respond to each question for ALL adults in home. *
What pets do you currently own? *
Are your current dog(s) spayed/neutered? *
Are your current dog(s) up to date on vaccinations? *
Are your current dog(s) currently on monthly heartworm/flea prevention? *
Which heartworm/flea prevention is your current dog(s) currently using? *
What veterinarian(s) do you take your current pets to for vaccinations, heartworm prevention, sick care?  Please include name, address and phone number of ALL vets you currently take your pets to.  If you do not list a vet and phone number, your application will not be processed.  If your vet requires authorization to release information, this must be done prior to submitting an application. *
List by name all animals in your home with their ages and species.  (ie. Jack 8 dog, Sally 4 cat) *
Tell us about a day in your dog's life. Does he hang out on the couch? Does a dog walker take him out? *If you do not have a dog, tell us what your new dog or foster will do during the day. *
Have you adopted from a rescue before? *
What rescue did you adopt from and where? *
Have you had a puppy before? When? How many years ago or what year did you raise a puppy? *
What Are you Interested In at FARR? *
What is your schedule like? Make sure to write hours you are at work vs. home. *ie, work from home, 9-5, etc., hours you are home? *
Name of Dog You are interested in. If not a particular dog, what are you looking for in a furry family member. *If you want to volunteer or foster, please tell us the age range of dog you would like to foster (puppy, juvenile, adult, senior) *
If you are interested in adopting a puppy, please realize that puppies can not hold their bladder for long periods of time. The MAXIMUM amount of time a puppy can hold its bladder is by month: If it is 2 months old about 2 hours, 3 months old about 3 hours, etc. What are your plans for your puppy during the day if you work? *
Why this dog/puppy and why do you want to adopt, foster or volunteer now? * *
How long have you been looking for a new dog and how did you find us? *
Under what circumstances would you give up your adopted pet? For example, if you move, get married, have children, get a divorce, lose a job, etc. *If you are going through a major life change currently, it may be best to adjust to the change first before considering adoption. *
Have you ever given a dog away or surrendered a dog? What were the circumstances? * *
Are you aware of the financial requirements of maintaining a healthy dog?  Vaccinations, heartworm/flea preventions, supplements, food, supplies.  Not to mention the cost of vet care if the dog becomes ill.  Are you prepared for these requirements? *
Are all members of your household aware and agreeable to adopting a dog at this time? *
How will you exercise your pet? *
Where will the dog stay if you are out of town? *
How will you encourage/reward your dog for good behavior? *
How will you prevent/manage your dog's inappropriate or bad behavior? *
A new dog is a major commitment, which will involve life changes. What will change in your life with a new fur baby? *People give up on dogs for many reasons, most of which, they were not prepared for the responsibility. *
How did you hear about us? *
I ATTEST THAT ALL ANSWERS PROVIDED ON THIS APPLICATION ARE CORRECT. I UNDERSTAND THAT FLORIDA RETRIEVER RESCUE, FARR, HAS THE RIGHT TO REJECT ANY APPLICANT FOR ANY REASON. I agree with this privacy notice: FARR may share your application information with other rescue organizations as part of the approval and screening process. FARR will never sell your information or share it with any other outside resources. *
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