Mosaic Project Application
(Deadline: Monday, November 5th by 5:00pm.) Our hope is that this application is an accessible experience through which you tell us about yourself and what you’d like to do for the Mosaic Project. We know that experiences of oppression impact the way we value ourselves (i.e. see our art as “good enough” to apply) and also affects the way we experience forms and institutions. We’ve set up support for you and would love to help! To talk to a supportive person or for more information email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

You will need a Google email address to complete this form to upload work samples.

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Tell Us About Your Project
250 words max. You may want to tell us what kind of art you’d like to do (dance/movement, theater, spoken word/poetry/writing, burlesque, drag, music, film, visual, multi-genre, etc.).You may want to say how what you create will relate to the experiences of Long-Term Survivors of HIV. We support your definition of what these identities and experiences mean to you.
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Why Do You Want to be a Part of the Mosaic Project?
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Tell Us About You
You don’t need a list of fancy credentials to be part of Mosaic. It would be great if you tell us what your experiences with creating art have been like. If you’ve performed or done art before, you could tell us some things you’ve done and where you’ve done them (but this is not required). Because Gay City Arts prioritizes the participation of people with multiple experiences of oppression, if you feel comfortable, we’d love it if you’d share some things about how oppression impacts you.
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Accessibility Information
Is there anything you’d like us to know about your needs for accessibility to the Mosaic Project?
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Technical Requirements
For performers, please send us a list of anticipated tech requirements for your performance. All performances will take place in The Calamus Auditorium at Gay City, a multidisciplinary performing arts space. • Size: 750 square feet, measuring 19’ X 40’, 16’ ceilings • Capacity: audience is limited to 50 • Tech capacity: general theater lighting, sound, projection, risers, seating and AC • Tech support: provided by Gay City personnel • Off Stage Facilities: green room, restroom, no fly space •
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Work Sample
Send work samples or links to samples to

This is optional, but if you’d like to share some of your art with us, please do. Please limit your samples to 5 or fewer minutes of video, 5 or fewer pages of written material and ten or fewer images. (Note: We know that not everyone has access to documented examples of their art, so submitting a work sample is not required.)

Gay City is a scent free space, main entrance and stage are wheelchair accessible, other accommodations may be made if requested. Broader accessibility information here:
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