Sacramental & Faith Formation Registration
Elementary School program, Pre K thru 5th Grade Registration and Jr. High / High School - 6th Grade -12th Grade Registration

Sacramental Programs and Faith Formation will be Sundays at 9:00 - 10:00 am followed by Mass.

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I Agree to support my family in their faith journey
Before filling out this form please read and agree to the following. As parents or grandparents we recognize that our involvement is of a special importance in helping my child learn about and live his Catholic faith.
1. I will see that my family attends weekly Mass & Holy Days of Obligation Masses together. 2. I will assure my families prompt arrival and regular attendance to the Religious Education program throughout the year. 3. If my child is receiving a Sacrament, making sure that we attend all sacramental preparation meetings and retreats required. 4. We as a family participate in the sacramental life of the parish, to the degree we are able to, as witnesses to my child. 5. We will with God's help, continue sharing the gift of ourselves and the gift of faith with my family and with the parish community after sacramental preparation has ended. 6. We will oversee my child's continued religious education classes to help prepare them for the world they will live in.
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Photo Release: For all minor children and teens
I grant my consent to use and release to: the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix and St. Joseph Roman Catholic Parish the use of my child's photo in the St. Joe's Faith Development programs without limitation or reservation of any fee.
Slideshows, bulletins and other publications and advertisements for Religious Education, Life Teen, Edge, Parish Calendar, Parish Website, and Social Media, including but not limited to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.
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Safe Environment
The Diocese of Phoenix offers Safe Environment Education to every child in religious education programs and Catholic schools every year. In August and September we will offer Safe Environment education to your child.

Parents, as the primary educators of their child(ren), may choose to present this material to their child rather than within their catechetical formation program. Please review the enclosed Safe Environment Curriculum and work with your child to present the message that they are loved by God, the church and you, their parents, and remind them they must tell a trusted adult if they, or someone they know, are being scared or hurt by another person.

This information will be maintained by the Diocese Pastoral Center to ensure full accountability concerning the safe environment training of every child.

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If your child is receiving confirmation please answer the following
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Are they in good standing with the Catholic Church? A letter will be provided if they are members of a different parish.
What Saint will your child choose for Confirmation Name?
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How will you and your child share your time and talents in the parish community?
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Payment Information
$75 fee for each child receiving sacrament, $45 registration fee for CGS & other faith formation classes.
Payments can be made online using PayPal. See our website and use the PayPal option listed as Sacramental Registration (bottom of home page) Click here to be redirected to the website
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