PGCMLS 3D Print Request Form
3D printing through PGCMLS costs $1.00 per hour, rounded to the nearest half hour. Once the
print cost is determined, the customer must confirm by phone or email in order to begin the print
process. Once confirmed, the customer is responsible for the cost of the print. Payment is due
at the time of print receipt and may not be refunded. Print price is subject to change due to
material costs.

No objects deemed dangerous, illegal or inappropriate will be printed. Prints must adhere to
copyright restrictions.

Customers may submit up to 3 prints a month. Only one print request may be submitted at a
time. Prints with multiple files must be submitted as separate requests. Print requests will be
honored on a first come, first served basis and may be denied at PGCMLS staff’s discretion.

PGCMLS cannot guarantee model quality, stability, or confidentiality of designs. It is
recommended that customers analyze print quality through a service such as Microsoft's free
3D repair tool ( ) before submitting for print.

Prints may not be larger than 6in wide x 6in deep x 6in high. Larger prints must be submitted in
parts. If a file larger than the maximum size is submitted, PGCMLS staff may contact the
customer about resizing the object prior to printing.

PGCMLS will not issue refunds for prints that fail due to design error or customer dissatisfaction
with the color, size or quality of prints. Any concerns regarding print or material quality should be
addressed prior to print submission using the Digital Services contact form (

PGCMLS is not responsible for post-processing of printed objects. Customers are responsible
for removing supports if requested. Customers who wish to modify their finished prints further
may do so at their own risk.

For questions about or assistance with 3D printing at PGCMLS, contact Digital Services at

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