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Wanna order shirts? Head over to our NEW FORM here! https://goo.gl/forms/Fksr0YSOiBNyf9mH2

Complete the form. Make a donation. Get a very happy shirt in the mail. It's just that simple.

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List out sizes and colors. Here's what we've got: Youth small (6), medium (8), or large (10) in soft holly berry red, evergreen, or silver bells grey. Adult x-small, Adult small, Adult medium, Adult large, Adult x-large, Adult xx-large in soft holly berry red, evergreen, snowflake blue, or silver bells grey.
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$20 per shirt plus shipping ($5 for one shirt, $7 for 2 or more shirts). So, if you are buying one shirt, you owe $25. If you are buying two shirts, you owe $47. If you are buying three shirts, you owe $67. To pay, you can (1) send money via PayPal to mraudenbush@sparrow-fund.org, (2) make a donation for the total amount by clicking on "DONATE" from www.sparrow-fund.org, or (3) give us cash on pickup. Tell us here how you paid:
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Oh happy day! Thanks for supporting the orphan care trips and programs of The Sparrow Fund!
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