Application for U-RISE at Florida Atlantic University
The central goal of this program is to expand the pool of students from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) who engage in biomedical research at FAU. Students will participate in a three year curriculum that includes specialized courses in critical thinking, research approaches, and scientific communication. Students will participate in laboratory research at FAU, Scripps, or Max Planck. As rising juniors, they will attend a summer internship at a partner Research Intensive Institution. Students will be paired with an Academic Mentor, a Research Mentor and a Near-Peer Mentor (graduate student) to provide support. One-on-one mentorship will be complemented by a diverse set of workshops throughout the three-year program. We are currently seeking rising Freshman to enter the program starting in the fall of 2021. Students who are accepted into the program must commit to completing all three years. The program will cover partial full tuition costs, support for research and travel, and a monthly stipend of ~$1,100.

Application Process:
STEP 1: As an applicant, you will be asked to complete the following application in consideration of your candidacy for the U-RISE program.
STEP 2: Notification of application status updates will be provided through email.
STEP 3: Please send any questions to

Applicants must be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident of the United States or similar status ; be and remain an undergraduate student in good standing; plan to complete an undergraduate degree program. Applicants must be enrolled in FAU in the fall of 2021

Your application information will be reviewed by the Faculty member(s) managing this Program to which you apply in consideration of your candidacy. An additional Evaluator will compile aggregate application information anonymously for general reporting purposes to the National Institutes of Health, and may be used in future publications to describe the U-RISE applicant pool demographic information anonymously. Any information about your application, including your identity, is completely confidential. All reports or publications will ensure anonymity of the application information. The following steps will be taken to ensure this confidentiality: A unique code will be generated to label your information. The relationship between this code and your identifying information will be kept strictly confidential. When reporting applicant pool information, care will be taken to ensure that no individual's response can be identified.

I have read the information in this consent form. I have had the chance to ask questions about the application information sharing, and those questions have been answered to my satisfaction. My completion of this application form is consent for my information to be anonymously pooled with all U-RISE applicant information.

The University is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Personal information is used for descriptive purposes only and not in consideration of eligibility.

Please address all questions regarding this application to the program directors ( The deadline for submitting applications is July 5th.
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