Asia Leadership Trek X - Winter 2018 Application
This Is The Application for the ALT X!

Destinations of Visit
Main: India, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, and Japan
Optional: Georgia and Azerbaijan

Date of Travel
Main: December 24 - January 14, 2018
Optional: December 17-24, 2017

Cost of Travel
Main: USD 2,600
Optional: USD 1,400


Please Bear In Mind That We Need a Lot of Information From You To Organize Meetings And Logistics, and To Facilitate Your Participation in Conferences. THANK YOU!

1. Name in Full [First & Last Name As Noted On The Passport] *
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2a. Email Address [Primary Email] *
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2b. Email Address [School Email] *
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3. School *
4. Degree Program *
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5. Birth Date *
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6. Phone Number *
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7a. Passport Number *
This Is Needed For Air Ticket Purchases.
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7b. Passport Expiration Date (YYYY/MM/DD) *
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7c. Country of Citizenship *
List All Countries If Holding Multiple Citizenships.
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8. Mailing Address *
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9. What Are Your Main Expectations and/or Goals For Participating in the ALT X? *
200 Word Max In Short Paragraph Or Bullet-point Form
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10. In What Ways Can Your Skills, Background, or Experiences Contribute To The ALT X? *
200 Word Max In Short Paragraph Or Bullet-point Form
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11a. Conference - TED-style Talk: Would You Be Interested in Presenting a TED-style Talk? If So, Please List Tentative Titles and a Short Description For Your Talk.
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11b. Conference - Workshop: Trekkers Are To Facilitate/Teach One 80-min Workshop In The Conferences During The Trek. Please List Workshop Titles That You Might Be Able To Lead. *
Note: The Trekker Should Have Substantial Expertise On Your Topic From Either Coursework Or Life Experience. Workshop Examples Include: Adaptive Leadership, Negotiations, Public Speaking, Public Narrative, Design Thinking, Overcoming Immunity to Change, Disciplined Entrepreneurship, System Dynamics, Leadership Communication, etc.
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11c. Conference - Professional Development Seminars: Please List Titles That You Might Be Able To Lead - One 40-min Seminar *
Topics Include, But Are Not Limited To: (1) Writing a Statement of Purpose, (2) Crafting Your Resume, (3) Writing a Business Plan, (4) Elevator Pitches, (5) Art of Storytelling, (6) Interview Skills, (7) Managing LinkedIn, (8) Managing Your Online Presence, etc.
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11d. Conference - Career Mentoring Seminars: Please List Titles That You Might Be Able To Lead - One 40-min Seminar *
Note: Topics Should Stem From An Applicant's Career Background. For Example, Past Sessions Have Included Info Sessions in Finance, Consulting, Law, Education, Start-up, Medical, Healthcare, International Development, Entrepreneurship, Non-Profits, Foreign Service, Politics, etc.
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12. Optional - Writing Fellowships: ALT Offers Multiple Writing Fellowships. Upon Applying And Receiving Approval, Each Contributor Will Receive a $600 Program Fee Subsidy in Return For Writing a Scholarly Reflection Of 5,000-6,000 Words Describing Key Takeaways and/or Observations. [5 Fellowships Available] *
Writing Fellows will be selected based upon writing ability, experience, and enthusiasm. Writing Fellows are expected to attend workshops in the months before the program, take detailed notes during the Trek, and submit their first draft two weeks after the end of the Trek. A collaborative editing process will take place over the ensuing month. Submissions are due to by 6pm, January 30, 2018.
13. Please Provide A Brief Bio In Less Than 50-Words. If Accepted, Your Brief Bio Will Be Sent to Organizations in Asia With Whom We Are Arranging Meetings. *
Sample: Resident Scholar at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences; Executive at Giorgio Armani, Researcher at Center of International Cooperation; USAID Country Director for Pakistan
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14. If Accepted, I Will Be Punctual In Program Payments. *
Failure To Do So May Result In Transfer To Wait List Candidacy Status.
15. I Shall Engage In Appropriate And Respectful Behavior To Fellow Trekkers, Organizers, And Hosts Throughout The Duration Of The ALT. I Will Be A Productive Member Of The Teams In Which I Am Assigned. *
Failure To Do So May Result In Forfeiture Of Program Fees And Expulsion From The Trek.
16. ALT sometimes uses pictures and video from Treks for promotional purposes. *
17. Please Send Your [1] Deposit Payment of $300, [2] Resume or CV, [3] Professional Photo (High Resolution With Light Background), [4] Bio, And [5] E-copy Of The Front Page Of Passport To
Payment Info: A.WIRE TRANSFER: Center for Asia Leadership Initiatives; Routing No: 011000138; Account No: 4661167456; Bank of America. Please Email The Payment Slip After You Have Made Your Payment. B. VENMO: samuel_kim. C. PAYPAL: For The Bio, Please Follow As Shown On Our Website:
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