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“Shalhevet” is a Virtual Beit Midrash in the Spirit of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz zt”l,
created by the students of Rabbi Steinsaltz and the Steinsaltz Yeshiva in Tekoa.

This program for Torah study is designed to promote deep Torah learning and desire to connect to our heritage, with an emphasis on acquiring tools for independent study. Shalhevet would like to build a community comprised of men and women from diverse backgrounds and across the globe, brought together through Torah learning. It is now possible to study Torah and advance your Torah knowledge – all from the comfort of your own home or office.
We are excited to offer a one-on-one weekly study session in a subject of your choice:

1. Chassidut - Tanya: Learn Tanya with the excellent and mind provoking commentary of Rabbi Steinsaltz
2. Parsha - Learn a part of the weekly Parsha with Rabbi Steinsaltz's amazing insights
3. Tefilah - (Prayer): Learn the meaning - both literal and conceptual - of the Prayer we say every day
4. Talmud - Learn how to study the Talmud
5. Pirkei Avot - (Ethics of the Fathers): Dive into deep discussions about human ethics and Jewish basics
You could also of course choose also the independent track, and learn any other subject you are interested in. If you choose that, you will have to reach a mutual decision with your learning partner as to the subject of learning.
For more information, please look us up at:
Or see our brochure:

Through this form we will have the tools to match you with the ideal learning partner (Chevruta) for you.

Are you ready to embark on this adventure? Here we go!
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Shalhevet Learning Community: Jewish Learning Breaking Borders
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