Town of Oxford - Accessibility Study Survey 2022
Thank you for helping us shape our municipality by taking our survey! The Town of Oxford wants to be more accessible, and we want your input! How can we be a more accessible Town to our residents and visitors? You do not need to be an expert on the subject to take part in the survey and we would like to hear from as many residents as possible!

Would you like a print copy?  
You can pick up a paper copy at the Town Office or at the Library.  

Would you like to access the survey online?  
Visit the Town of Oxford website or visit us on Facebook.

Would you rather send a direct suggestion?
Please email: 

Please note: This survey only pertains to facilities and services within The Town of Oxford.
This survey will be available from June 2, 2002 to September 30, 2022 but the Town of Oxford Accessibility Committee is always happy to hear from you.  Contact us at:

Your responses will be kept strictly anonymous. No effort will be made to identify anyone who completes the survey. At this time, we are seeking the opinions of residents and visitors of the Town of Oxford aged 14 and older.  We appreciate your feedback! This survey should take no longer than 5 minutes.
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Are you a resident of the Town of Oxford?
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Tell us about you.   Please check all that apply:
Would you tell us a bit about the disability or disabilities that you have experience with (if applicable)?
Do you have accessibility needs?  
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In your opinion, which area should be our first focus on improving accessibility?
First Priority
Lower Priority
Town Hall
Town Website
Medical Centre
Fire Hall
Oxford Pioneer Heritage Club
Have you had difficulty participating in a town program or activity because of barriers you faced online, in a building or on a property?    For example, recreation programs, Council meetings, paying bills, attending parades or festivals.
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If you answered yes above, please tell us why you had difficulty participating in a town program or activity because of barriers you faced:
Please check the top three ways you travel in and around the Town of Oxford.
Do any of these things make it harder for you to travel around the Town of Oxford?  Please check all that apply:
Is there anything in the previous question that you identified but isn't listed making it harder for you to travel around the Town of Oxford?  Please let us know below:
Where do you find out about town news, events and programs in the local area?  Please check all that apply:
Do have any challenges finding information on town news, events, and programs?  
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If you answered yes above and have challenges finding information on town news, events and programs please tell us why:
How is the Town of Oxford doing when it comes to providing information on our website and on social media?
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Municipal News
Council Minutes
Live Council Meetings
Community Events
Council Calendar
In General
Have you ever had difficulty entering a Town owned facility or building?  Examples include Town Hall, Fire Hall, Library, Oxford Pioneer Heritage Club, Arena, or Medical Centre.
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If your answer to the previous question was yes, please tell us why you had difficulty entering the facility
Are you currently employed?  
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Have you used employment support at CANSA?  
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What supports are important to you when you are working or looking for a job?  Please check all that apply:
What do you feel is the main reason that prevents your employment?
Any other comments:
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