ASCE Branch Survey 2018-2019
Please help us decide the direction of our branch by providing your honest feedback to the questions below. If you can elaborate in the comments it's more information for us to consider. Thank you.
Are you satisfied with the lunch options provided at branch meetings?
If not, what suggestions do you have?
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Are you satisfied with the number of branch meetings we have annually? If not, more or less?
Have you been satisfied with past branch meeting topics?
What topics do you want presented at branch meetings?
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Are you interested in more joint meetings? (ITE, APWA, ASLA, etc.)
Are you interested in local group project tours?
Are you interested in branch social events?
Do you encourage direct reports or other young engineers in your office/company to stay involved with professional organizations such as ASCE?
Would you consider hosting local High School students interested in engineering at your office location for an hour or two as part of a branch outreach program?
Would you consider volunteering to help out at our annual Popsicle Stick Bridge Event, scheduled this year for Saturday, March 9 from 7:45 AM - 12 PM?
Would your company be willing to be a sponsor at the $100-500 level for community outreach events like the Popsicle Stick Bridge Event?
If you attended the ASCE / APWA Fall Conference on December 6th, what was your favorite presentation this year?
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If you attended the ASCE / APWA Fall Conference on December 6th, what kind of presentations would you like to see next year?
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If you attended the ASCE / APWA Fall Conference on December 6th, would you be willing to pay more to receive a hot lunch?
Are you satisfied with branch leadership selection process?
Are you satisfied with the cost of attending a branch lunch meeting ($10 for member, $15 for non-member, $5 students)?
Would you be willing to consider serving in a branch leadership position?
Are you satisfied with your ASCE National membership?
Are you satisfied with the cost of ASCE National membership dues?
What would make your membership more valuable to you?
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Is there any other feedback you'd like to provide to help provide direction to our branch?
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OPTIONAL: Name and email
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