The history of custom boxes

Custom boxes are important if it is a company that processes many shipments every day. They are a simple way to advertise your business, show your customer that you are interested in them and represent your business style. Doing all that with a simple shipment is an incredible achievement, but somehow it has become so simple that if you do not use custom boxes, you fall behind. Your competition is way ahead of you. So now that we have found that they are an important part of any business, let's look at how it all started.

Way, way back

Corrugated cardboard has been approved for shipping since 1903. Nine years after the first corrugated box was manufactured, all businesses began using them because they were the cheapest alternative. By using corrugated boxes, the companies also avoided significant damage to the product, which was incredibly important to them because they generally had to pay for the damage caused during shipping, something that their customers exploded sharply. There were more than forty companies producing corrugated cardboard boxes only seven years later. They seized worldwide attack packs! Every business in the world quickly learned that this is the cheapest and most efficient way to pack, so they made the necessary adjustments and accepted that this is the right and truly the only possible way to ship products and make money


As soon as companies started using corrugated boxes, they started putting sticky labels, a simple label with their logo in the corner of the box, something to clarify where the package is coming from. Several companies in their 50s wanted to go even further. Some of the biggest companies hired designers or used some of the people responsible for designing their product and gave them a simple project. They were told to look for a way to place the logo on their corrugated boxes, somehow playful. They wanted to make the process of assembling a package an experience make it fun for their customers. Apparently this was a success because several years later, all the big companies used it. Apparently, customers loved it, too, because shipping companies made money like never before. This marked the beginning of the use of custom paintings.

The current

Currently, all companies use custom boxes. Even smaller companies use them because it is a simple way to show their customers that they are interested in providing quality products. In a way, you have to use them because if you don't, you fall behind. It is one of the cheapest ways to demonstrate the quality of your products. Whatever you order, or the company that sends you your product, everyone will have a unique package with their name and logo. And these custom packages go nowhere. Why should they do it? Businesses benefit from them and customers love them. It's a win-win situation. To be honest, everything is better than the simple white boxes. Less is more, sure, but not in this case. For more information visit this website
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