I applied to Arts Council England & all I got was this shitty t-shirt.

blablabla We realise this will be a disappointment and hope you will understand why we have made this decision blablabla. Thank you for your application, take care of yourselves and your communities blablabla difficult times blablabla Creative Excellence blablabla timely response blablablabla lets go digitaaaaaaaaaaaal blablablabla You have gone over the character count by 1500 characters

If you applied to ACE and were told they could no longer progress your application because of the Corona Virus - please reply to the following questions and submit your project description below.

We want to document all the energy and ideas that artists have developed over recent months, which will now unfortunately be going nowhere fast thanks to the powers that be, and their decision to backdate the affects of the virus redirecting all funds to another tiny pot for us to compete with each other and prove ourselves yet again for in this time of intense crisis.

We want to gain a picture of how much labour they have wasted, who has been affected, what money people lost, what ideas people did have. Because changing the rules of the (already rigged) game half way through - in the name of supporting artists - has royally fucked artists.

We will be sharing the figures and responses, it will be included in an open letter to ACE, and we plan to make a PDF book with all the project descriptions of works that could have been!

We'll stop collecting on the 30th April and will be in touch with you after that.

#notallNPOs #letscreate

Love & pissed off

Sahra, Amy, Sophie, Rosalie


p.s. we promise this will be easier to complete than Grantium. any questions you don't want to fill out, leave it.

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What kind of application did you make to ACE?
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Was this your first time applying to ACE?
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Please paste your project description here. I.e. what were you going to make / do with the money. In the Project Grant app this is the project overview Q. In DYCP it is the description of development opportunity.
Please paste your answer to the impact question here. I.e. the one about how the grant would have developed your organisation / practice, why it was the right time etc.
How much money did you apply for?
How much out of that were you going to pay yourself?
How much time did you spend developing and writing your application? I.e. time spent researching, in meetings, emails with partner organisations, finding match funding, writing answers, putting it into Grantium etc. Give a rough estimate in hours.
How are you feeling right now?
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How many other people were involved in your proposal? I.e. how many other people would have been paid to be involved in delivering the work, artists, mentors, collaborators, producers, support, tech etc.
Are you going to apply for their £2,500 corona fund when it comes out on the 30th of March?
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If you had been given the money, but asked by ACE 'How are you going to do this work now that our country is in lock down, and you can no longer go out in public?' what would your response have been? I.e. Do you think you could have come up with a creative solution? Could you have postponed part of it but done the R&D?
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Would you like to be named? We will be sharing the results of this form online for other artists to see each others work and share solidarity. It will also be linked to an open letter to ACE. If so write your name here, if not write Anonymous.
We are hoping to print everyones descriptions of their projects in a book / PDF. Leave us your email address here if you'd like to get a copy of the book.
FINALLY if you were Nicholas Serota, big boss Chair of the Arts Council England, what would you have done differently? What do you think the best response ACE could have had to the corona virus would have been?
We feel you Layla. We feel you.
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