Dine & Connect & Donate
What is Dine & Connect & Donate?
This is a new meal sharing platform that is not for profit and designed for 100% social cause. It’s a platform where amateur but talented chefs host meals at their homes for charitable fundraising purposes. 50% of the proceedings go to the host’s choice of charity, and the other 50% goes to the guest’s choice. Thus both the host and the guests enjoy a great meal, and engage in great conversations while helping their favorite social cause.

This platform has two simultaneous goals:
1- Connect people by allowing them to share the same meal and engage in friendly conversations on culture, religion, hobbies, social issues, global problems, our similarities and differences.
2- Make charitable fundraising fun and interesting.

Experiencing new cultures, meeting old friends, making new ones, spending quality time, learning new things, sharing your thoughts and feelings are some of the intended outcomes of Dine & Connect & Donate.
Special Ramadan Edition
We decided to launch this new initiative in the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan to continue an already existing tradition of hosting guests at homes. Moreover, Ramadan is the month of generosity and improving community relation in the Islamic faith, which is well aligned with the mission of Dine & Connect & Donate.

In this trial run, our hosts will select one of the following 501-c3 charities as beneficiaries of their share of the proceedings:

> Alternatives for Girls - alternativesforgirls.org
> Africa Water Well Project (through Embrace Relief) - embracerelief.org/africa-water-well/
> Greater Lansing Food Bank- greaterlansingfoodbank.org
> PeaceQuest (through Greater Lansing United Nations Association) - peacequestgreaterlansing.org
> St. Jude Children's Research Hospital- www.stjude.org

Our guests can choose any 501-c3 charitable organization (religious congregation, charities, cultural centers, etc.) as beneficiary, including the ones above.

Due to late sunset time during the summer, these programs will start at 8:45pm and meal will be served at sunset.
"Thank you so much for organizing the dine, connect and donate program. Besides supporting Peace Quest 2017, we learned a lot about Ramadan and Turkey AND had a delightful time!
It was great to meet our hosts and their children. The conversation, food, music, and water marbling demonstration all created a beautiful evening."
Host Registration Steps
You can apply to be a host for an event at your house beyond this special Ramadan version of Dine & Connect & Donate.

Step1- Please let us know your interest to host dinners by filling out the application form at http://tinyurl.com/DCD-Host

Step2- There is a screening process before we can add you to our system as a host. We will contact you about this.
Guest Registration Steps
Step1- Fill out your information below and mark your availability.

Step2- We will match you up with a host along with other guests. You will be notified of where the host wants his/her share of donations to be sent to (which will be one of the three organization listed above).

Step3- To be able to hold your seat, you will need to mail 50% of the meal’s donation amount as a personal check made to the host’s choice of charitable organization. (This check also acts as a deposit, refundable until 1 week before the dinner and non-refundable after that.)

Step4- Please bring the remaining 50% of the donation to the dinner as a check made to your choice of charitable organization in a stamped and addressed non-sealed envelope and present to the host. (The host will then mail it on your behalf).

Step5- Enjoy your iftar dinner with your host and other guests!
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By marking “I accept”, you accept that Dine & Connect & Donate website and its owner(s) are not responsible or liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense that you may suffer or incur as a result of or in connection with your participation in any food event conducted by any host. You also accept that you are responsible to comply with all laws, and tax and other regulations. You also accept that it’s your responsibility to inform and remind the host about any food allergies or dietary requirements and inquire about these requirements before eating the food.
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