Royal Numismatic Society Grants Application Form 2019-2020
The Royal Numismatic Society awards a number of small research grants each year, which are available to Fellows and non-Fellows alike. The deadline for applications is midnight GMT 1 March 2020.

This application form should be used for all applications to the Society’s funds. All fields in this form should be completed – failure to provide all the necessary information may jeopardise the success of your application.


Submission of this form implies acceptance of the terms and conditions under which grants are awarded:

1. The grant must be taken up within a year from the date of the grant award letter.

2. If the grant is made wholly or partly as a contribution to costs of travel and/or accommodation, evidence of these expenses (such as receipts or invoices) must be supplied to the Society. Such evidence will usually be required before payment of the grant is made.

3. The RNS Secretaries must be informed of the outcome of the work for which the grant is made. The Society will receive a copy of any publication resulting from the work for which the grant is awarded. Any such publication should appropriately acknowledge the award of the grant by the Society.

4. Grant money will usually be awarded by cheque. Where the applicant requires grant money to be paid by direct transfer to a bank account, any charges made by the Society’s bank for such a transfer will be deducted from the amount of the grant.

5. On receipt of the grant award letter, the applicant must acknowledge receipt and confirm acceptance of these terms and conditions.

*The deadline is 1 March 2020*
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