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Below are enlisted 44 statements related to quality of instruction, student evaluation, research and development, employability of students and role of teachers as counsellor. Please read each statement carefully and indicate the extent of your agreement or disagreement with the statement by selecting the appropriate answer.
I have joined in engineering as per my choice
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
I was aware of job prospectus and decided the branch of engineering as per my choice
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
I am passionate about my subject of studies
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
Teachers use variety of instructional methods to teach (Lecture/Seminar/Case Study/Project Work etc.)
Teachers make an effort to involve students in development of lesson
Teachers try to clarify doubts
Independent learning is promoted through assignments and seminars
Each student participate in group work
Experts from industry are involved in teaching-learning
Students get adequate practice in handling practical work
Students get ample opportunities to experiment and explore
Students make presentations on what they have learnt at the end of experiment
Department has strong linkages with industries
Students are taken to industry with well-defined objectives
Outcomes of industrial visits are beneficial
Live problems are taken for project work
Inter-disciplinary teams are constituted for project work
Teachers involve students in their research work
Industry experts are involved in evaluation of industrial training of students
Student feedback is obtained regarding teaching effectiveness
Students can use laboratories/workshops any time
Adequate journals are available in Library
I am satisfied with the overall quality of instruction in my department
The environment in the department is conducive for research work
Teachers are competent to teach subject(s) assigned to them
Students are encouraged to take up research projects
There is a provision for sponsorship of students to attend conference/seminar
Orientation to the industry and its environment is provided by industry experts
Personality development programmes are organized for students
Teachers ensure development of soft skills by use of different methods of teaching
Co-curricular activities are organized by the institute for holistic development
Mock interviews are organized to train students in appearing in interviews
Campus interviews are organized every year
A good number of students get selected for the jobs through campus interviews
Teachers are able to guide students
Teachers facilitate the process of decision-making
Teachers identify students with problems and refer them to experts/specialists
Where do you access information on employment (Can select as many as you want)
I will not mind migrating to other branch of studies (Ex: Software) to get a job
I am confident of getting a job based on my studies
I am aware of apprentice scheme of Govt of India
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
I would like to pursue higher studies in
I am pursuing/ planning to pursue additional skill development in (Can select more options)
Suggestions(if any):
(a) Enhancing Employability of Students
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