Request for Example Classroom Activities: 100Kin10 Personally Relevant Pedagogy Working Group
We are a group of educators and education professionals working together via 100Kin10 Project Teams on a framework for advancing personally relevant pedagogy. We believe it is essential for students to be known as individuals, for teachers to know themselves, and for students to know their teachers as individuals in order to foster authentic and interconnected learning experiences.

In conjunction with the framework, we'll provide a robust list of resources and activities for educators. That's where you come in! We are seeking STEM classroom resources or activities that incorporate or address your student's individual interests and engagement preferences, cultural influences, and community/home life. What are some ways in which you foster authentic STEM learning experiences using the knowledge base within each student?

Please share free and open content you've seen or used that is shareable online in the form below. We thank you for your contributions!

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