Volunteer Application - BOLIVIA
For potential volunteers to fill our regarding working with disabled Bolivian amputees. Sponsored by:
- "Bolivians Without Disabilities",
- "Centro de Miembros Artificiales"
Please note that if there is more then one person applying then each person must apply separately.
Work assignments will be made based on your background, skills, and our needs at the time of your scheduled arrival date.
We promise to respond to ALL applicants.
Name (first and last) *
Age (must be 21 or older) *
Unfortunately, due to our non-profit laws, we can't accept any volunteer under 21 years of age (as of your start date). If you will still be less then 21 then we are sorry, but you can stop here - unless you feel there is some extenuating circumstances where you feel we might be a little flexible with this policy. If so then provide your age and your reason here:
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University degree(s) (area of study) *
Work background *
This is just a very brief overview of the kind of work you have done in the past
"Other" skills
Other then the above questions, tell us how you think you can help. Maybe some special skill or talent or desire which is not reflected in previous questions
Work assignment (desired)
Tell us one or more ways in which you would like to help us.
Do you have the skills and desire to work in our Physical therapy area?
Spanish skill level / background / education *
If you have a LinkedIn ID that you would like to provide regarding your background then you can note it here. And/or email CV to info@BoliviansWithoutdisAbilities.org
Add any additional comments you think are useful, such as more about your Spanish skills, ...
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