#FridayFrogFact - I've got an idea!
Hey all! We started #FridayFrogFact to share fun, interesting and unique facts about lovely frogs that will blow you away! And it's been a resounding success- people look forward every Friday with bated breath for the release of the weekly #FFF. So now we've decided to throw it open to you all- am looking to recruit volunteers who would be interested in writing about these amazing lil' Frogs :D
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Would YOU like to write a post for the #FridayFrogFact column? (Don't worry we have templates/ideas/all the necessary support for you- just give it a go!)
We would love for you to contribute to this column! Inviting writers (students, teachers, professionals, let-me-give-it-a-try people) to contribute to Friday Frogging. We believe that everyone is an expressive writer - you just need a bit of help and guidance. If you think you can try- say YES! We will contact you via email and guide you each step of the way. Thanks for taking a step towards helping these little croaking knights! Ribbit-Ribbit
Any other suggestions/comments? Give us a shout- we always love reading your feedback :D
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