CHT Members, Volunteers and Groups Survey
Thank you for taking the time to give Castleford Heritage Trust some feedback. Your opinions really matter to us.
This survey is being shared across the Castleford Heritage Trust Membership, across all Trust Volunteers and our regular Groups that use Queen's Mill.
The purpose of the survey is to:
Look at how engagement has changed over the past few weeks, what has worked and what hasn't, and get feedback upon this.
To gather opinions about the future reopening of Queen's Mill and Queen's Mill Crafts.
Discover what concerns our key groups have.

Your answers will inform and feed into our work on planning for the next few months and the eventual reconvening of our face-to-face interactions.

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Castleford Heritage Trust has needed to adapt significantly to the COVID-19 outbreak. This included suspending the majority of face-to-face activities, offering new services including shopping and collections and the delivery of more online and remote contact. Please answer the following questions about the changes: *
Strongly Disagree
Neutral / Unsure
Strongly Agree
I feel that I have been kept informed about the changes
I feel that I have had enough updates
I think that the Trust has done a good job in adapting its services
Have you taken part in any of the online activities on Queen's Mill Facebook? If yes, please say which and what you liked/disliked. If not, leave this question blank *
When was the last time you visited Queen's Mill? What was the visit for (e.g. activity, event, group, volunteering)? *
We are currently looking at national and local guidance in regards to the potential restart of some of our face-to-face activities at Queen's Mill. With adjustments put into place, in line with health and safety recommendations, how do you feel about: *
Calm, Relaxed, Positive
Anxious, Unsure
Uncomfortable, Tense, Stressed
Does not apply to me
Attending activities at Queen's Mill
Volunteering at Queen's Mill
Attending Meetings at Queen's Mill
What are your concerns about the return of face-to-face activities? *
Do you have any suggestions about how we could make you feel more secure and confident upon a visit to Queen's Mill?
Hub Volunteers only (please leave this question blank if this does not apply to you).  If hub services begin to be required less as time progresses and we are able to restart some of our regular volunteering opportunities - would you be interested in taking up a new volunteering role at Castleford Heritage Trust?
Our Market Stall, Queen's Mill Crafts, is likely to take longer to reopen due to adaptations that will need to be made and considerations of volunteer safety and well-being. Do you have any thoughts about this that you would like to share?
Events and Fundraising at the Trust have been affected during this period and this is likely to continue for some time. Please share any ideas you have for helping us to: 1. Keep people connected. 2: Raise funds to keep our community work going.
Finally, do you have any other comments that you would like to share with Castleford Heritage Trust at this time?
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