TiMC Social Media Marketing Survey 2018
We Request You to Take part in this survey conducted by TheiMarketingCafe.com and get a chance to win great offers! Help the Social Media Community at Large. For more info about this Survey, read here http://theimarketingcafe.com/social-media/timc-social-media-survey-2018

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Only 14 Quick Questions to be Answered through Multiple Choices & Check Boxes ( Est.Time to complete the survey - 2-3 mins ).

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1. Which Social Media Monitoring Tool/Platform do you often use? *
2. Which Social Platform do you actively use? *
3. Which Social Platform Has Been Effective For Your Business Promotion? *
4. Do Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Result in Direct Sales? *
5. Which Social KPI is The Most Important to You? *
6. How effective is social media advertising? *
7. Will Instagram gobble up snap chat? *
8. Which One Do You Think is the Most Promising New Social Media Platform? *
9. Which Messaging App Do You Often Use for Business? *
10. Which is the Most Expected Change in the Social Media Landscape in 2018? *
11. Would You Increase Your Budget for Social Media Marketing this Year? *
12. On Which social platform your target audience is highly active and engaging? *
13. What is your monthly budget for social media marketing? *
14. Which of the following is the major challenge in social media marketing? *
15. Would You Like to Share Any Other Information with Us? If Yes, Please do.(Optional)
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