EPIC 2.0: Divine Principle Workshop Participant Application
EPIC ("Embodying Principles in Culture") is back for round 2 this summer, and is coming at you bigger, better, and brighter! If you're ready for a truly divine and revolutionary experience with the Principle, then EPIC 2.0 is for you. Join us from July 14th to July 28th for an EPIC two weeks at the beautiful Morning Gardens in Gloucester, MA!

Scholarships and grants are available! Contact Joe Leonard at jpl14495@yahoo.com for more information about scholarships!


MISSION STATEMENT: For participants to understand Divine Principle on a personal level and integrate it into daily life such that they are empowered with confidence to express it to others.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Rooted in a gaining a deeper and more personal understanding of the Divine Principle, EPIC 2.0 will be organized into three different sections over the two-week program.
>PART 1: The first week consists of a "crash course" in the fundamentals of every chapter of the Divine Principle.
>PART 2: The weekend will consist of a weekend trip in the mountains of New Hampshire to connect with God.
>PART 3: The second week will focus on gaining an understanding of True Parents' life course and how it relates to the DP.

The purpose of the whole workshop is to build a personal connection with the Divine Principle. This will be through group discussions, lectures, stories and input from our workshop parents, and practice in faith-sharing. The purpose of practicing faith-sharing is to 1) increase understanding of the content, and 2) gain confidence in explaining the DP in day-to-day interactions to friends, family, and acquaintances. In addition to deepening our understanding of the Divine Principle, we will also be bonding with our brothers and sisters, experiencing God through the joy of activities, nature, and music, and creating a total experience that aims to inspire and continue to be with us when we leave to go back home.

CORE TEAM: Miwa Ishikawa, Yasutaka Ozawa, Yuki Jones, Sunhwa Reiner, Sunhyun Miller, Uncle Joe Leonard, Rev. Wayne Miller, Dr. Michael Hentrich


WHO: Current high schoolers

WHEN: July 14th - July 28th

WHERE: Morning Gardens in Gloucester, MA

PROGRAM FEE: The price is $650 per applicant (with scholarships available for families in need - contact Joe Leonard at jpl14495@yahoo.com to apply and for more information).

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: June 24th at 11:59 PM EST. ($650) Due to limited spacing, there are no guarantees that applicants will be accepted.

For general information and questions, please contact the program director, Miwa Ishikawa, at mishikawa93@gmail.com.
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