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I will always speak the truth or the best of my knowledge in conversations. I will not take any revenue, favors, or donations of any kind as part of a quid pro quo to change my stated opinions. I will treat others with respect and compassion, and let others know if I feel that I am not being treated with respect and compassion.I will not engage in badgering, name calling of any person here either here or in other places. *
As much as possible -I will attempt to resolve what I believe to be untoward contact by direct communication, before referring it to mediation/facilitation/flagging. I understand that I am responsible to make coherent, arguments in conversations, and not waste other peoples time.I understand that real engagement means I will likely be wrong at some point and be expected to admit it. I will forgive people making an honest attempt to do better. *
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I can commit to 15 minutes a week to answer questions, with the understanding that it is to make my voice heard, and to give me a better understanding and power in local and national politics.
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To putting an end to the major issues that plague humanity
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