Irvine Barclay Theatre Volunteer Ushers
The Barclay ushering staff is comprised of dedicated individuals from the community who generously donate their time in order to provide our patrons with a warm greeting and a feeling of comfort and safety when they attend a performance at the Barclay. In doing so, the volunteer ushers play an important part in a creative process that culminates in the uniqueness of live theatre experiences.

Barclay Ushers should be at least 18 years of age and:
• Be in good physical condition, able to lift and distribute programs and other related materials, stand for long periods of time (at least one hour), capable of walking up and down stairs, and assisting in cases of emergency.
• Be able to volunteer between 20-30 events per year (about 2-4 events a month).
• Be able to arrive promptly at call time, 90 minutes prior to performance start time.
• Listen for, and be attentive to, latecomers and potential emergencies.
• See row and seat numbers and read tickets in partial lighting.
• Have excellent customer service skills and enjoy helping people.
• Have a love for live performance.
• Be able to follow the usher dress code (black skirt or slacks, a solid white dress shirt or blouse with a tie, and wear black comfortable shoes; ushers will be provided a uniform vest)
• Be able to communicate regularly via email.

Once you have applied, our Patron Services Manager will follow-up regarding our next usher training sessions.

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