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We are so excited for your interest in Center for Indigenous Midwifery's 3-hour, short & sweet, childbirth education workshop for Indigenous families. You and any support people you choose to invite are welcome to attend this class with you. *This form should only take a few minutes to complete. Looking forward to meeting you!
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Does your family identify as Indigenous? (Self-identified, this can be the birthing person or any other parent). (Please understand that this is a requirement for participation in this class) *
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What is your estimated due date? (Please note: in consideration of privacy, this class is for current pregnant families only. Thank you) *
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After our class time together, we would love to gift you a small herbal care kit for your postpartum time. What is a mailing address we could send it to? (We apologize, but due to restrictions and expense, we are unable to mail these kits out-of-country) *
Is this the first time you have given birth? *
What is your planned place of birth? (All are welcome, this question is simply to streamline what topics are covered in the class) *
Do you currently have a doula (labor support person) *
Classes are typically offered the first Wednesday and the 3rd Saturday of each month, always from 10-1 PM PST. The most ideal time to attend class would be late 2nd trimester/early 3rd trimester (so that you have time to practice some of the comfort measures for your upcoming labor and birth). Reminder emails will be sent out prior to each class. *
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