You may have noticed a number of offerings at MIIS oriented toward mindful awareness, wellbeing, embodiment, authentic connection, and integrating self and work. These have emerged organically at the collaborative initiative of students, faculty, and staff.

One outgrowth is the Mindfulness@MIIS Working Group. We want to hear what, if anything, these offerings have meant to you, what you've found most valuable, and if there are other kinds of offerings you desire at MIIS.

Thanks for taking a few moments to respond below.

(And if you’d like to be a part of the Working Group, just email Julie Johnson at jejohnso@miis.edu)
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Have you participated in any mindfulness-related activities at MIIS? Check all that apply:
If no, are there any particular reasons why?
If yes, what motivated you to participate?
If yes, what did/do you find valuable about the experience?
Have you taken any mindfulness-oriented courses at MIIS? Check all that apply: *
If no, are there any particular reasons why not?
If yes, what did you find valuable about the experience?
If you have participated in any mindfulness-oriented activities or courses, was there anything that could be improved upon?
Are there other kinds of offerings in which you would participate if offered at MIIS?
Any additional thoughts or comments?
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