Citroën BX Register Submission Form
Welcome to the Citroën Car-Club UK's national BX register! This is the place to submit a car - if you're trying to track a car, please contact the registrar.


Purpose(s) of the register include:

* To log as many individual Citroën BX cars as is humanly possible (around 780 cars at present!)
* To learn more about individual model trends and traits (e.g. we may be able to figure out such vital statistics as when the 16v upholstery changed from 'Monza' to 'Le Mans!'
* To identify record-holding cars, such as oldest; youngest; highest/lowest mileage etc.
* To try and identify an approximate residual price curve for each individual model.
* Plus much more!

UK CARS: You can complete this online form to instantly submit a BX to the database. Alternatively you can email me, the registrar at with the details of any BX you'd like to submit. All we need is the registration number, your name and some basic details. Further details are optional.

CARS OUTSIDE THE UK: If you have an imported vehicle, or one that is not registered in the UK, you're still welcome to submit your BX for inclusion, though as the database is kept in UK-registration order, I ask that you do include the VIN and RP/ORGA numbers for the purposes of dating your car and knowing where to place it both chronologically and alphabetically.

The register is designed to account for ANY BX. This includes cars that you may have previously owned (or know a family member that did), as well as cars that have been lost over the years, with a checkbox for vehicles known to be scrapped. If you spot a car for sale, or on a TV show, add it! If you're quick enough, you can add cars you pass on the street!

Any personal information entered into the database that relates to any persons past or present connected with the vehicle is protected by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and as such will be treated in confidence. This includes:

* Name of owner(s)
* Addresses (past and present)
* Email address
* Specific financial details (e.g. the purchase price of a specific vehicle)

IMPORTANT: No personal information will be shared with anybody except the owner of this form!

By submitting a car, you are happy for any non-personal or specific details of your BX to be included in future reports or presentations (e.g. colours; build dates etc.)


The register can provide limited information about a BX you may be trying to trace (such as if it is known to survive, along with other potentially helpful information.
Please note, we are unable to supply you with any information relating to the whereabouts of a vehicle, the owner, the person who submitted the car. It may be possible to forward your details to a current owner, should they be receptive to them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

For any queries or issues with this form, please contact me (Richard) at:
Email *
Your name *
Are you a CCC member? *
You do not need to be a member to submit this vehicle.
Registration Number *
The registration number currently assigned to the vehicle. The database is structured in registration order. PLEASE NOTE: If you are entering a car from OUTSIDE the UK, please include the VIN and/or RP/ORGA number with your vehicle, so that we can catalogue it more easily.
Previously known registration numbers (if any)
If you know of any previous registrations this BX has been assigned (due to import/export or cherished registrations) list them here.
Current operational status *
e.g. 16TRS; 17TGD; 19GTi Hurricane; TZD Turbo etc. If automatic transmission, please state this here.
Captionless Image
Four-digit ORGA / RP/Build code
This isn't required to continue, but they do provide us with an accurate build-date for the vehicle (which means we can figure out the oldest/youngest BXs in the country etc.) Locations are...Early cars: Under bonnet on L/H inner wing; Later cars: L/H front door recess just below wiring loom
Generation? *
16Valve models only!
Only answer this if you are submitting a 16 Valve model.
Paint code, if known (located in the engine bay to the right, as you view)
Captionless Image
Transmission *
Drive orientation
Approx. mileage (at time of entry, or last known)
Do your bit to help prevent clocking!
Captionless Image
Supplying dealer (if known)
Nobody is expecting you to know this, but if you do - great!
Last known sale price:
Please remember to include currency, and, if you know it, where the car was sold (e.g. eBay, Car & Classic etc.) Completely optional, simply to build the story of the car.
Current owner (just say 'me' if you are the owner)
Completely optional, simply to build the story of the car. This information will not be shared with anyone.
Current town/city of residence (approx.)
Completely optional, simply to build the story of the car. This information will not be shared with anyone.
Known owners & previous locations/residences of the car (approx.):
Completely optional, simply to build the story of the car.
Notable modifications (if any):
Any important information/features/notes:
Completely optional, simply to build the story of the car, such as; Factory Air-conditioning; Optional alloy wheels; Bearing front subframe; Optional ABS; Optional leather trim, etc.
You: *
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