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What country are you from? *
Where are you currently living?
Are you doing the 6 Steps? *
Are you doing the 6 Steps provided on this document? :
Are you personally willing to commit $5 (US currency) a month in order to help maintain the site as well as fund the pool of capital to help intentional communities and co-ops fund their projects and progress? Even if at the beginning the paid portion of the site does not provide that value (although we hardly doubt this would be the case.) *
We need to have some funds in order to get things off the ground.
 Do you have anything free to offer others on the site? Some examples can be ebooks you've written or anything like that. If so what is it? *
We are going to have a freebie section on the site and need to know what kind of things people are interested in giving away/
Do you have a business or service either online or brick and mortar? Please provide a short description of your business/services a link to your website, social networks etc. Please note if you are willing to give our members a discount, free item or deal of some sort and specify what that is. *
If you don't have a business please, put N/A in the field below.
Do you live or work in an EXISTING Intentional Community or Co-op Business?  Please provide your website, your profile if you have one, and all social networks used to promote it like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc *
This DOES NOT include ICs or Co-ops that are in the process of starting. ICs and Co-ops must have 2 or more people living and working together.
Are you developing an Intentional Community or Co-op business? This can include ones that have no members, but are still looking for others to make them happen. Please provide your website if you have one, your profile , and all social networks used to promote it like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. *
What are key movies that really "woke you up" to what is going on in our world? *
Exclude the following films from your list: Zeitgeist: Addendum, Future By Design, 2012: Time for Change, Carbon Nation, Money & Life.
If you lived in a society or world that did not use money or a monetary system, and all education, basic needs, and all resources are available to you for free; What would you do with your time? *
What type of environment do you live in? *
 Where do you live City, country, suburb...etc. ? Please also add why in the comments below.
What do you hate? why?
 What is your favorite tv show? why? Do you even watch tv why not?   *
When it comes to all these questions please do not over think it, write more than asked, or answer what you think you want us to hear or what you think an RBEer "should" respond to it. We want real, raw answers not a load of bull.
What would you not be caught dead doing?
(This is a slang term for definition please see )
What is the most important part of your daily routine?
 What pisses you off the most about organizations, movements and groups that are doing things to get to an Resource Based Economy? *
(Please be respectful when answering)
What is your relationship status? *
Please pick the choice closest to resembling your relationship.
What is your sexual orientation?
Please pick the choice that most closely relates to your orientation.
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What is your gender?
Please pick the choice that most closely relates to your orientation. If you identify with the "basic terms" Male or Female please mark Cis/Cisgender Male or Cis/Cisgender Female found at the bottom of the list.
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How old are you? Please choose the age range to which you belong. *
With the new site we intend to reward members for promoting the site. Without getting into the nitty gritty details at this juncture (that will be fleshed out later) we would like to know what kind of prizes would you like for promoting the site? Some examples could be a book on permaculture, Documentary DVD's etc. Let us know what YOU personally would like to get as a reward. *
Are you a parent?
 In the space provided please be specific about your circumstance. Include info like ages, gender and your custody status of those children. This will help with being able to meet your families specific needs as we build, start, and grow communities. For your child(ren)'s privacy names are not needed.
Do you have a cell phone?
Who is the cell phone provider/company?Is it a pay-as-you-go service or billed service?
Do you host an ongoing event that is related to this groups values? (Whether it is weekly, monthly, or yearly)
If so what kind of event is it: conference, retreat, festival etc.
Please provide a way to contact you in case we don't understand an answer or would like to learn more! *
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