REGISTRATION: Bounce Back with Your Child: Resiliency, Life Stressors, & Coping Strategies (May 31st, 6:30-8:30 PM)‎
Parent-Education Workshop:

Thank you for registering to attend this St. Andrew Parent Council presentation at St. Andrew Catholic School, 201 Crestway Drive, Nepean on Wednesday, May 31st, from 6:30 – 8:30 PM.

Everyone is welcome! (...Invite your friends, family, caregivers, coaches to come with you!!)

This 2-hour hands-on workshop will feature four practical workshops, focussed on 3 cornerstone themes:

1 - RESILIENCY: helping us as parents more eeffectively handle personal stressors, so that we can model those
coping skills to our kids;

2 - CONNECTION: connecting with our kids, to get them talking – and to keep talking;

3 - COPING STRATEGIES: coaching, and encouraging, our kids.

“This workshop is about is about understanding that most of us have an inner critical voice that undermines how we chose to think, feel and act. As parents we experience a huge amount of pressure that can pull us in many directions making it difficult to feel we can do anything right. We will explore our own critical voices and how that can create negativity and self-doubt and then how to replace that self talk with a more self-compassionate voice. It is with this voice that we have a better chance to manage our own stress, better connect with our children. It’s with this voice we can practice speaking with our children in a way that encourages healthy communication and taking of responsibility.

We will accomplish this by working through four exercises and clear explanations will be provided at each step."

--- Lori Deegan M.Ed. CRPO, Psychotherapist

Presentation Time: (6:30-8:10pm) Q & A: (8:10 - 8:30pm)

Presenter: Lori Deegan M.Ed. CRPO, Psychotherapist

See you there,
St. Andrew Parent Council

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