Safe space project - Team Application
Tell us a little about you. This Safe space project is expected to start in April 2018. Planning will begin in January 2018.

Please only apply if you are serious about committing to the project. In order for the team to function well, we are looking for young women that come from diverse backgrounds (especially communities that are underserved) AND those that are passionate about this.

If you know ahead of time that you will be involved in many projects - then consider applying for the Outreach team instead of Core Members. Core Members will be expected to see this project as their own, be given a voice at the table for facilitation decisions as well as with other decision making process.

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Core Members: Actively involved in decision making process and support the coordinator with the organizing Advisory Committee: Advise the Core Members based on experience. Meetings are less often Outreach Team: Involved in helping reach out to diverse groups of Muslim Women within their circles, schools, networl
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